Distracted Driving Spikes in News Coverage

While watching CNN today, noticed yet another of those: “distracted driving is a big ‘ol menace” news stories. Reporter Katie Linendoll, Tech Expert put an interesting stat out for volume of teen texting while driving: Teenagers send 1,500 texts a month on average. One in three text while driving.

I notice that each of these stories goes the same archetypal arc: 1. distracted driving is a rising problem in our age of hyper-connectedness, 2. Saint Oprah is tryna tackle it with her No Phone Zone initiative, 3. then here are some tools/solutions we’ve researched for you,: list random apps and tips…The distracted driving iron is red hot, and Travelers should be striking all over it with added value to this issue.

Blog pulse chart of news+blog reports about distracted driving, Oprah’s No Phone Zone, and rise of distracted driving mobile apps…while distracted driving apps don’t get as much specific mention and graph spikes, the reality is, the apps do get halo WITHIN THE STORY ABOUT DISTRACTED DRVING OR OPRAH’S NO PHONE ZONE…

CNN’s story went down the angle of Parental Fears of teen children gone wild on texting. This parental fear resonates in culture right now. We need to be riding the cultural wave and getting share of voice.

Google Search data confirms the pattern – the biggest drivers of attention to the issue is Oprah’s Initiative (initiative being the key factor for why its news – she is taking steps forward when few are) with the rise of car wreckage stats and policy-maker response (and a few states are taking steps forward when few are) unfortunately being the biggest drivers of attention…solutions are not being directly sought out, yet. But each story attempts to drop a tip and suggestion (here is an app to use).

As the noise builds (and it will, the issue is gonna snowball, trust that), expect the conversation to drive more closely to answers and solutions.

And the story of an insurance company who took initiative to solve the problem could STILL be a heroic and potentially attention-getting story.

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