Progressive Offers $10MM Automotive X-Prize

X-Prizes endure today from a previous era of rich biz magnates who put up big money to solve big audacious goals/problems (first transcontinental railway, or crossing sea channels). In the modern era, X-Prizes have reawakened in the form of million dollar bounties for the first private space shuttle design. Netflix has recently offered up a big bounty for beating their algorhythm, Google is now in the X-Prize game for a lunar craft. And so, too, is Progressive Insurance.
The Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE is a global competition that awards a $10M Grand Prize to the first team to build a car that gets at least 100 MPGe in real world driving and is safe, affordable and desirable to offer consumers more efficient vehicle choices.

With our partners at Consumer Reports, we are also advancing the adoption of a new consumer metric, called MPGe (Miles per Gallon or gasoline equivalent energy), that offers consumers the ability to make an apples-to-apples comparison of this next generation of vehicles that will use a variety of energy sources and fuels with the conventional cars they drive today.

Progressive Insurance is our Title Sponsor and the U.S. Department Of Energy our major supporter because they believe in incentivizing innovation through competition to reshape the automotive industry. It is truly a public/private partnership.

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