Ad Age Reports: New Nationwide Campaign

Nationwide is launching a new campaign to compete against big players like Progressive, Allstate & Geico. Featuring the voice over of Julia Roberts, “The Anthem” TV spot will kick off the campaign during the Olympics.  Other advertising elements will include print, radio & digital.

This campaign represents a shift in messaging for the once cheeky & funny brand.  By asking viewers to “join a different kind of insurance company,” Nationwide takes a gentle stab at their public competition; those seemingly focused on profits, not people. Of the campaign’s shift, Nationwide Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer Matthew Jauchius said, “When you have a competitor spending over a billion dollars on ads, which we do, you have to break through the clutter in a relevant way. We are going against the grain in the marketplace by taking a more sincere tone, an authentic tone…rather than just a yuk with a phone number, which seems to characterize our category today.”

What do you think? Is the new, serious tone effective? Does it break through the proverbial clutter?

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